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Zillow Premier Agent 2.0 Sales Program…Is It Worth It?!

From the point of view of an NYC Real Estate agent using the program

I recently started back with the Premier Agent program at Zillow for a couple of reasons:

  • I LOVE SALES!! I love assisting buyers in finding their dream home here in NYC!

  • Zillow recently updated their program to be more beneficial for agents, hence the 2.0.

I chose the Upper West Side because it’s a very popular neighborhood in Manhattan and I’m very familiar with the residential buildings, local restaurants, stores, Columbia University, as I frequent that area and its my favorite neighborhood in the city! (Yay!) So it’s so much fun to go to work!



The process is pretty simple. You are the buyer’s agent. You pay an amount for a percentage of a zip code in the neighborhood of your choice. Zillow’s team will advise the percentage of that zip code you are covering. The bigger the percentage, the more potential clients. You are guaranteed a certain number of “connections” each month. Connections = live calls from inquiring buyers. Agents can even pay for multiple zip codes and cover different neighborhoods within the same borough or different boroughs. Once the potential buyer inquires about a property listing in your zip code, Zillow will connect you with that buyer.

The program has two ways to connect with potential buyers:

  • A live call is sent to your cell, at anytime during the day – ALWAYS BE PREPARED! Keep headphones on you at all times!


  • Inquiries will be sent to your inbox of interested buyers that Zillow has personally reached out to for 7 days to no avail; once Zillow deems those potential buyers as “unresponsive”, they will send those potential buyers to agents’ queue to contact personally.

Zillow also has an app that’s very useful as you are able to communicate with your new clients aka potential buyers via text, email and phone calls. You’re able to view which properties they’re interested in or have inquired about; it automatically goes to your queue. It’s a good resource to keep all of your sales clients in tact. Definitely a PLUS!


The primary difference between the original version and 2.0 is the service quality from the Zillow sales representatives. They now ask additional questions verifying that inquiring buyers are ready to move forward with speaking to an agent, ensuring they are looking to buy vs rent along with a couple more questions to ensure they are serious buyers. It’s a minor but pretty effective change that Zillow launched in NYC Premier Agent program during 2018.

If potential buyers are not ready to speak to an agent, Zillow may send that client as a “freebie” (meaning it doesn’t count as a connection) for the agent to contact at their freewill. They’ve also given additional resources to assist agents with clients and the sales process via their website and personnel.


My thoughts: so far, so good! I’ve been pretty busy, even during the slowest season of real estate, Winter (yuck!). I’ve been at different appointments, with different clients pretty much every Sunday during the winter season. Each client I interact with from the program are in different stages of their buying process, which makes it fun. It’s also a buyer’s market right now, so every buyer I meet, I tend to remind them that they currently have the upper hand in the transaction. I’ve also had much success with buyers that Zillow deemed “unresponsive”. We’ve been out to a few showings and I have one putting in an offer as we speak.

Overall, Zillow’s Premier Agent program is a good opportunity for agents looking to enter the sales realm of real estate or assist with receiving buyers within the neighborhood of choice for that agent. I would rate the program 8.5/10. There’s always room to evolve and make it better, but if you’re an efficient, resourceful and self-sufficient agent, you will greatly succeed in this program!

Edited & Written by: Rhesa Wilson

Contact: RWilson@BlackerGroup.com